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June 04, 2023
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From the desk of NUCPP Fort Wayne Chair, Glenn Nicodemus
Posted On: Jul 12, 2019
Brothers and Sisters, I have good news to report today, on our recent trip to Washington DC, Jim Maxson, his wife Janet, myself, my wife Barbara and John McKnight and Kevin Beanblossom from the Indianapolis committee of the NUCPP traveled there in support of HR 397 (The Butch Lewis Act). As of yesterday July 10th the House Ways and Means Committee forwarded HR397 on a party line vote of 24 (D) to 17 (R). This means that after a visit to the rules committee and a period of time to consider one amendment that was tabled by the committee the next stop for this legislation will be the Speaker of the House desk. This is a huge step in moving legislation along to bring to an end a long struggle that many of us have fought for many years. It is unclear at this writing if and when Mrs. Pelosi will bring this bill to the full house for a vote. If and when it does come to a vote we are confident that it will pass the House as the Democratic party holds a majority in that body. Now for the bad news, if it is passed in its current form in the House, and moved to the floor of the Senate, it is surely to be pronounced dead on arrival at that time. If that is not the case then it can be amended by the Senate and sent back to the House for a second vote. Depending on the changes made by the Senate it could either receive a second vote to accept or deny the amended bill and that version would become law. It is well known that most Republicans are not in support of HR 397 in its current form and that was evident in the hearing we just attended so there is no reasonable assumption that that attitude will change when it reaches the Senate where the Republicans hold the majority. I am not trying to pour water on the great victory that we did achieve but to inform you that more work is to be done to make sure our recent victory is not wasted. There is at this time expected legislation to possibly come from Senator Grasssley(R) of Iowa, on a competing bill that may be taken up by the Senate. The reason for this bill being drafted is the pressure we have put on Congress to find a solution to this problem and some of that pressure is the fact that HR 397 will come to the Senate floor in its current form or possibly amend by the House. Congress has resisted allowing for a vote on our proposed legislation in the past for the purpose of not being put on record as against retirees and pension reform. The pending passing of HR 397 will bring that to an end. It is the hope of the NUCPP and its many members that the Senate will see the urgency in finally solving this problem and make a concerted effort to bring legislation that we all can accept. I will keep you informed as to when the vote in the House will take place. It is imperative that that we all prepare to make our voices heard if and when any legislation is offered to the Senate whether it be HR 397 or any other proposal from the Senate side. We are getting closer to the end but again I stress that the very outcome may well rest upon the people reading this letter. You MUST make your voice heard if and when the time comes. Respectively, Glenn Nicodemus Chairman Ft Wayne Committee NUCPP
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